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How can cultural heritage threatened by globalization and environmental destruction be protected? Looking to the crimes against humanity of deportation or forcible transfer as a potential legal remedy.

Haydee Dijkstal examines a potential legal remedy to help victims seek justice.

Following the UK’s Repeal of the EU Import Regulation in Great Britain, will Northern Ireland become a gateway to Europe for illicit cultural property? Recommendations for the UK to mitigate this risk and seize the opportunity to strike the right balance.

Fionnuala Rogers makes recommendations for British government to close a gateway for illicit cultural property.

How Can We Advance The Cause of Protecting Cultural Heritage and Antiquities? Leverage Public Awareness Campaigns

Claire Buchan Parker explores ways in which public awareness campaigns have been used to advance the protection of human life, endangered species, and antiquities, and offers suggestions for how NGOs, individuals, and other interested parties can advance the cause of protecting cultural heritage and antiquities.

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