Practicum 1: “How Can We Advance The Cause of Protecting Cultural Heritage and Antiquities?” 2021-07-04T09:52:51-04:00
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In the Antiquities Coalition Think Tank’s first-ever practicum publication, Claire Buchan Parker—a strategic communications expert, former White House spokesperson, and vice chair of the Antiquities Coalition Board of Directors—creates a blueprint for how to develop a successful public awareness campaign. However, how does one actually go about creating and implementing an effective public awareness campaign? It is a practical question for every mission-driven organization—and to answer it, Parker teamed up with Antiquities Coalition Co-founders Deborah Lehr and Peter Herdrich to develop a free video series based on her practicum. The series contains three video lessons, each with an accompanying quiz. Those who complete the practicum receive a digital certificate.


Lesson 1: How to Form an Effective Message

In this lesson, Parker covers how to develop a specific call to action for your organization, and why doing so is important to a campaign’s success.


Lesson 2: How to Organize a Successful Public Awareness Campaign

In this lesson, Parker covers how a mission-driven organization can maximize the effectiveness of its principal messages.


Lesson 3: How to Ensure Your Campaign Engages the Public

In this lesson, Parker covers some of the key elements common among all successful public awareness campaigns.


In Practice: The Antiquities Coalition and Public Awareness Campaigns

In this conclusion, Lehr provides a case study of a successful public awareness campaign by describing the Antiquities Coalition’s Ten Most Wanted Antiquities list.